Magician Arindam is Kolkata's own Magician and is taking the City by storm. A walking breathing human X-file.
Magician Arindam blends the magic of the mind with talent and humour to create a comforatable and relaxed, yet challenging and stimulating experience for his audience as well as his show's participants.
In a powerful display of both group experiments and individual exercises, Arindam will uniquely demonstrate on you, your colleagues, family and friends his talents that everyone is talking about. Arindam performs in such a way that he will not disappoint any public or Corporate audience, instead they will leave wondering ...."Just How did he do that?"
Arindam's performances are flexible, enabling him to entertain in a variety of situations including small intimate groups, corporate shows, grand illusion shows or exclusive private parties.
At his early age from performing at clubs to performing all over the country for different multinational companies later on, to being featured on televison for many times in the past couple of years, Arindam has mesmerized the entire audience of India from Celebreties to Business Tycoons, he has performed for the Top International Corporate Companies to exclusive Private Parties. Auedience from Kolkata and across India have all been astounded by his work with many of them inviting him for return performances.